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Software Options for Recording

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Once you get into the recording studio, there are several options for software that you can use to get your sound exactly right. Knowing what your options are for software and finding those that best fit what you need can help you produce the CD that you want and get your sound waves in the right order. Following are options that you can use when deciding what the best software is for your recording.

1. MIDI. This is a basic software application that is used for recording needs as well as for sound fonts. It comes with the sounds and orchestration patches for the recording with a digital audio area built into the system. Because this is lower budgeting, it has some inabilities for editing and the stereo sounds you might need.

2.Adobe Audition. This is a basic application that can be used for the entire process of recording. While this specific software option also has some limitations, it is accessible with the ease of use and can provide accurate results for professional mixing and mastering.

3.Band in a Box. This is a Macintosh application that is known to work well for beginners or for those who are limited in what is being recorded. This is because it can create immediate tracks once a certain chord or set of chords is entered. This allows those who have not put together arrangements to use these basic structures before progressing to the next part of the recording.

4.Cakewalk. This specific type of software was created for Macintosh, then evolved into a separate application for Windows. This is known to have the basics for mixing and mastering and carries its audio options through MIDI.

5.Fruity Loops. If you are into DJ tracks, loops, and patterns, this is the specific program to use. While this has some recording capabilities, it works better as a loop mixing area for the musical pieces you are putting together.

6.Vegas. This program is similar to Adobe Audition in that it pieces together separate tracks and the capabilities for mixing and mastering. The program tracks are easy to pre-mix and mix, especially with individual track options and configurations that you can use for the program.

7.Cubase. This particular program’s large benefit is the ability to have unlimited numbers of VSTs or orchestration patches. It also offers more tracks than the programs such as Cakewalk. One of the other benefits of this program is adding on other programs to make it more conducive to your particular music.

8.Studio Vision. This is another Macintosh program and is known to be one of the high-end options in the software. Its capabilities include a variety of writing for music and allow you to control every part of your musical pieces.

9.Reason. This is another program that is built around finding rhythms, loops, and specific tracks. While it offers a wide range of capabilities in placing together music pieces, it has become more popular among DJs and those looking for defined backbeats.

10.Pro Tools. This particular choice is one that is known among most professionals as the best software out there. It contains a wide variety of VST options and the ability to completely control and manipulate the music that is being worked on. If you move into Pro Tools, you can expect to go through a long learning curve as there are a wider variety of details and choices for recording.

It can be seen that each of these options carries choices in terms of how much you control the music you are making, strengths and weaknesses, sound options, and tools that work the best. By knowing the applications, you can easily begin to use the software to fit your production best.

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