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Learning to play guitar online is arguably the most effective guitar teaching method ever. The only thing missing is a live person in front of you during your lessons, and for some people, the drawbacks outweigh the benefits. A real live guitar teacher exuding coolness and dexterity can be handy, but technology has most of the process of passing on musical knowledge and guitar technique covered. So are online guitar lessons for you? Let’s look at the advantages of learning in cyberspace, the tools available to you, and the kinds of guitar lessons you will find online.

So why is it better to take online guitar lessons rather than sit in front of a live person? For a start, it is much, much cheaper. Some courses will cost you one hundred dollars or more. Find out how many real-world lessons you get for that price. I can tell you now; it’s not too many. Also, there’s the traveling. Time and money spent just getting to your teacher. Do you really need the aggravation? As far as personal cost goes, online lessons work out to be much less expensive than your local guitar teacher. And you don’t have to laugh at your online teacher’s lame jokes!

What kind of help and learning materials will you expect from online guitar lessons? Nice clear videos showing you where to put your left-hand fingers on the guitar neck and what to do with your right hand to make the music come out. We’re talking videos you can play over and over again until you understand what your instructor is trying to pass on to you. Usually, some kind of backing track is available with online lessons. These are accompaniments for you to test your guitar playing skills. Basically, backing music gives you a way of testing your ability to keep time while allowing you to see how you would sound playing guitar with a real band. By the way, most online guitar courses come with basic tools like a metronome and maybe some written lessons you can print out for future use. Additionally, a lot of guitar courses include some way of asking questions and getting answers back from your guitar teachers.

When you sign up for guitar lessons online, you should be getting a broad musical education. You might have a fair idea of the kind of music you want to play, but online guitar lessons are an ideal method of showing you what is available to guitar players who want to learn more than one musical genre. So bear in mind you should be able to get a taste of some of the music available to you, like jazz, country, fingerstyle, blues, R&B, and so on. Your guitar course should offer you the depth of guitar playing experience along with a wide range of music. It would help if you learned what it feels like to accompany songs, play solos, and improvise. The best online guitar lessons will allow you to get this kind of experience.

Okay, so now you know the advantages of online guitar lessons and the materials and tools you should expect to be included in any set of lessons, you can examine any course a little more closely now from a more informed viewpoint.

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